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VO Junk

Some of my favorite web videos and more junk.

Standing By - Paul J. Kinney

We've all been there. After innumerable takes, that seem to all sound the same, you hear the dreaded words "stand by".​  Sacramento voice talents Paul Kinney and Elisabeth Nunziato are asked to "stand by" as the commercial producer assembles the radio spot, in this short true-to-life video. 

Guilty - Paul J. Kinney

Paul Kiney is at it again! This is hilarious! You know your guilty of making the most common voice over mistakes.  Watch as he is sentenced to harsh punishment for his flubed session. 

5 Guys in a Limo

Featuring the late Don La Fontaine. A classic.

Name That Voice

The voices behind the characters.

Getting into VO

Backstage with good advice for beginners. 

The Santa Sessions

A Holiday classic. 

Voice Talkers

Funny stuff.

Voice at 200 airports

Presenting the woman behind the voice.

VO Audio 

Don Morrow Talks Movie Trailers

Bob Bergen Talks Demos -

The Funny Side of VO

Charlie brown kids.jpg
The real life Charlie Brown kids in a recording session.
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