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Talent Pool

I often collaborate with these colleagues and team up to produce projects we can be proud of.  I am more than happy to bring these talented friends into any project that you may require additional voices for.

Talent Pool Spanish

Araceli Collazo

Erika Ruiz

Erik Bravo

Elizabeth Carrillo

Angel Dinamita


Frances Perdomo

Talent Pool English

Jon Morss

Armon Newton

Tanya Manns

Talent Pool TEENS 2021



Mariana - Child Voice Talent

Year of production: 2010

Title: Buscando las Estrellas

Running Time: TV :30


My daughter Mariana is a young bilingual voice talent who has been recording since she was 5 years old. Her first on-camera appearance was at only 2 months old! She has been the voice of numerous radio and television commercials, and recently the voice of several bilingual learning toys. If your project requires young bilingual talented kids, please contact me directly for additional information.

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