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Coaching & Lessons

One-on-one or group coaching sessions are available for up and coming voice talents. Lessons cover VO techniques, scripts, business aspects of voiceover industry, home studios and recording and editing.  Availability is accommodating to your schedule and time frames. You can check my MeetUp page for additional group workshops. 

I've also teamed up with to offer a reduced coaching rate and a discounted membership rate when you're ready to sign up. Use the code VOXPROS and receive $100 off their regular membership rate. Just click on the logo below to redeem promo code. 

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Home Studio Assistance

If you are in need of technical assistance or home studio set-up, feel free to call or e-mail for a consultation or equipment and microphone recommendations. I can help with soundproofing your recording environment and best audio production practices. 

I’ll make sure your spot, video or multimedia VO is recorded to your specifications.  I strive to deliver the voice you are seeking and will gladly take your direction. Whether it’s behind the microphone or in front of the camera, I will make every effort to accomplish your objective; check out the demo page for some of my recent samples. I’ve also included a growing list of other talented voiceover artists and actors that I would highly recommend if my voice is not exactly what you are looking for.

Audio Recording / Production

I also offer a wide range of services including editing, live recording and producing.  I record and edit with Pro Tools and use Blue microphones, which offer great reproduction qualities.  

Creative / Copywriting

I can help your agency reach its marketing and advertising goals. Maximize the potential of your campaign by serving the needs of your intended audience.  Break the cultural and ethnic barriers with an ad that will be correctly created or adapted into Spanish. The best way to compete for their business, is knowing how to reach them in the first place.

Translations / Interpreting

Voice Over / Voice Casting

Let me translate that script that's been produced in English and turn it into a Spanish ad that will resonate with the listener or viewer. Too often the translation is overlooked and lacks consideration for audience diversity. It’s simple to translate word for word, but you can’t forget about cultural, linguistic, and social differences. Localization is key for an effective message to reach its target. I’m here to bridge that gap that might otherwise be ignored. Keep in mind that text in Spanish will be approximately 10 to 15% longer than in English. Live and simultaneous interpreting services can also be arranged and provided.

Cultural Consulting

Consulting services I provide can range from conceptual stages to talent casting and cultural issues.  It is essential in this day and age to prove culturally sensitive materials in every medium.   We live in a global marketplace and your message can be successful with proper development. 

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